Wheeling system of Lotteries

The Wheeling System of Lotteries is essentially a statistical strategy which incrementally enhances the chances of winning a particular lottery, almost to the extent of being rendered a guarantee.

As you will easily be aware, lotteries are almost entirely a matter of chance. And yet, there are ways and means by which lotteries can be played out so as to minimize the entire chance factor.

That is essentially what the Wheeling System is all about; minimizing, if not completely eliminating the chance factor.

Yes, the Wheeling System works best for the lower denomination of prizes, as against the actual jackpot since the aspect of probability in that case is in fact a whole lot lower. For instance, if there are 3 numbers to be matched, versus 6 or 7 numbers which are to be matched, the probability of being able to match at least 3 numbers will be a whole lot higher than matching 6 or 7 numbers.
How does the Wheeling System Work?

Well, the Wheeling System works on the mathematical concept of combinatorics whereby a diverse assortment of tables are generated, all of which have the ability to together cover almost all of the possible combinations of numbers which can appear in a lottery draw.

In that regard, there are numerous kinds of types of Wheeling Systems which emerge typically and it would be useful to briefly look at some of them.

Full Wheel

A Full Wheel would be one where all possible numerical combinations are covered to the extent that the jackpot itself is to a large extent guaranteed. But as you would very well understand, covering that many combinations and buying that many tickets which would actually go on to cover all the stated combinations would definitely end up being a very costly affair.

Yet, if the jackpot amount is really high, then the costs can well be justified, like in the case of a Polish-Irish businessman who purchased all the 1,947,792 combinations at the Irish lottery, sure enough had a winning combination, and then ended up making a profit (albeit a small one, since two others also had the same combination and hence the prize money had to be divided among all three).

Since going the Full Wheel way would naturally involve incurring tremendous expenses, there are various intermediate wheels which have been devised.
For instance, there is an Abbreviated Wheel which effectively covers only a select combination of numbers and yet ensures a prize.

Likewise, there is a Filtered Wheel which is even more economical than an Abbreviated Wheel; here the element of chance increases further and therefore the chances of winning do end up reducing and yet, they are there nonetheless. For instance, a filtered wheel may include a favorite number of leave out certain number types such as odd numbers, to ultimately leave a much smaller pool of numbers to contend with.

In the same breath, there can be a Key Number Wheel, which will have a particular number – maybe your favorite number – a lucky charm of sorts or perhaps your birthday, there in every combination.

No doubt, none of this is completely foolproof. Yet, when played out strategically and smartly, it is true that the Wheeling System can actually prove wonders with regard to incrementally increasing the chances of winning a lottery, in a completely scientific and legal manner.