What is an online lottery agent

Lottosend.com is an example of an online lottery agent, an agent standing between users from around the world, and reputable official lotteries in various countries. A lottery agent, also known as a lottery messenger service, doesn’t operate a lottery on their own, but rather buy tickets in the conventional way, sending company representatives to stand in line to purchase a ticket with the numbers chosen by online clients. Typically, a small commission is charged when purchasing the tickets, and 100% of the winnings are transferred to the users online account.

Access to international lotteries

Each country has its own lotteries, and each lottery runs according to its own rules. An online lottery agent service such as Lottosend.com provides lottery tickets for lotteries in Europe and in the United States, with a combined jackpot amount of well over $250 million each week, with winning odds starting at 1:15. The variety of lotteries allows users to compare the winnings and odds, and decide where they would like to try their luck. A comparison page allows users to take a quick look at how many numbers each lottery uses, and the overall odds of winning a prize.

Secure account

Payments to the online lottery agent, and from the agent to the user in the case of winning money, is done through a secure account registered with the agent. The account is topped up with secure SSL credit card transactions, and most money won will go into that account, to be withdrawn at any point. Large winnings, including jackpots, are dealt with by the VIP support team together with the winner, as they typically have to be picked up in person. The support team can also provide tax advice prior to picking up large winnings.

Physical tickets

Since Lottosend.com acts as an independent lottery agent, rather than a lottery service itself, it purchases physical tickets for its online clients. These are usually scanned and emailed to users, to remind them of their chosen numbers. Users wishing to actually own and hold the original paper ticket can request for it to be sent by mail, and this is done for a small fee. However, it can take some days for the ticket to arrive.


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