Viking Lotto

The Viking Lotto presented the world’s first lottery game that was multi-national. It was created in order for a huge jackpot lottery to be provided to the entire area of Scandinavia area and also appeal to new players and raise the turnovers of every state’s own national lottery. 

viking lotto

It started in Norsk Tipping in Harmar, Norway in 1993 when the lotteries of 5 Nordic states united to form this Pan-Scandinavian lottery by creating the Viking Lotto bloc. Initially, the states involved were Lottery Norway (Norsk Tipping), Sweden Lottery (SvenskaSpel), Denmark Lottery (Danske Spil), Finland (Veikkaus) and Iceland Lottery (Islensk Getspa).

 Some years after this, on 22 March 2000, an Estonia Lottery company, Eesti Loto became part of Viking Lotto bloc and began providing Viking Lotto to its players. This made a new total of 6 states that now participated in the Viking Lotto. The Viking Lotto spread across the Scandinavian area and in the end, an overall off 8 countries were participating in this popular lottery. 

Viking Lotto Features 

Viking Lotto is extraordinary because the prize for the main jackpot that is available is similar in all the 8 member states but the prizes for lower tier are not. All categories and prizes that are less than the jackpot are determined locally, by every individual country that participates.  

This varies from other European lottery games that are multi-national, such as EuroJackpot and EuroMillions where each of the prize categories such as the jackpot is continuous for all member countries.

The initial Viking Lotto draw occurred on 17 March 1993 in Norsk Tipping, Norway and this game has become even more powerful as the years go by and increasingly famous.

The Viking Lotto presents a lotto game of conventional jackpot draw style that is run by the 8 member states of Viking Lotto Bloc. Every time the Viking Lotto jackpot lacks a winner, it shall roll over and be included in the jackpot for the following draw. Its size continues rising, creating very huge jackpot amounts to be won.

Different from many other lottery games in the world, the generally large prize connected to the Lucky number will roll over also if there is no winner and shall be included in the prize fund for Lucky Number. 

Viking Lotto draws occur once each week at 8.25pm CET on Wednesdays and drawings are carried out in Hamar, Norway, in Norsk Tipping.

How Viking Lotto Works 

A 6/48 matrix is used by Viking Lotto that signifies that when you are playing this lottery game, you shall first require choosing 6 numbers from a numbers range of 1-48, which are drawn at the Norway NorskTipping studios.


In case you are able to match each of the six main numbers drawn, you shall then become a winner of the VikingLotto jackpot (first division prize). 

After drawing of the 6 main numbers, Norsk Tipping draws 2 extra numbers, which are the Bonus Numbers from similar drum from the remaining 42 digits that assist to establish lower level VikingLotto prizes. 

When you engage in playing VikingLotto, you shall automatically manage to play for the pot of lucky number at no additional cost. This extra amount tops the Viking lotto jackpot and is established by another lucky number that a random number generator draws before drawing of the 2 bonus numbers and 6 main numbers.

In case you correctly choose the 6 main winning numbers for Viking Lotto and the drawn Lucky number matches only one of these main digits, you shall then also become a winner of the Lucky number pot of cash, which can present a very huge quantity of money together with the jackpot. 

The only country that takes part and the lottery firm that did not provide the prize fund for Lucy Number is Lottery Sweden (Svenska Spel).

 Apart from the jackpot itself as well as the Lucky Number prize, 4 other methods exist which you can use to become a winner of VikingLotto.  This signifies that a large quantity of prizes is available for winning every week.

 The cost of 1 Viking Lotto line entry changes a bit depending on the state that you are playing in. In Finland it is €0.80 per line with Veikkaus and NOK 5 with Norway lottery. You can purchase Viking Lotto tickets each week on Wednesdays until 7 pm CET prior to the 8.25pm draw in Norsk Tipping. 

Who is Eligible for Playing Viking Lotto?

Similar to most lottery games found throughout the globe, initially, just residents of the operating states were permitted to play in any of the lottery games they have to offer. 

Before, you would buy your lottery tickets from a certified retailer found in one of the countries that participate. Nowadays, however, this does not present an issue as numerous lottery ticket companies for lottery like TheLotter are found online.  

They are genuine and certified and you can choose your numbers for Viking Lotto and buy your lottery tickets online from any place in the globe.

If you reside outside Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia but still desire to play Viking Lotto and make sure that you join the following draw, you can conveniently purchase the tickets online.

 After you have joined Viking Lotto draw, you are able to easily study the results of Viking Lotto online to check your performance and discover whether you have become one of the lucky winners of Viking Lotto. 


It is very easy to play Viking Lotto. Even for individuals who are not familiar with online lotteries, this will not be very difficult. The presence of the feature for Lucky Number means that this lottery can become very profitable.

But, wins for lower value that are paid out in local currencies are simpler to trigger.  Viking Lotto is a section of a lot of lotteries that can be bought as a section of syndicates or bundle.

Viking Lotto makes it possible for you to win millions and these lump sum winnings can alter your life forever. Viking Lotto proceeds are used for numerous good causes all through Northern Europe.