Golden tips for smartly choosing Lottery Numbers

When it comes to lottery, one thing that needs to be firmly entrenched in your mind would be the fact that things are absolutely random here and that at the end of the day, it is all a matter of luck and chance.

And yet, there are ways and means by which you can at least increase the odds in your favor. Yes, there is no surefire technique here nor is there a guarantee of success being given out. But at the same time, if you do follow these tips, you will find that the overall chances of your winning will in fact increase incrementally.

First up, you need to remember to buy lottery tickets! This may seem obvious, but there are a lot of people out there who only rue the winning moments of others, without giving themselves the chance of revelry which they could, had they at least gone ahead and purchased lottery tickets as well.

Second, always random your selection and avoid going for any kind of pattern of numbers. As an instance, family birthdays are rather unlikely to work towards clinching that coveted jackpot. Neither is say a star shaped pattern of numbers on the ticket. All odd numbers, all even numbers, or all numbers on the side of the ticket – these are ALL bad choices as well.

Essentially, all that works is a purely random set of numbers which of course may or may not work in your favor, and yet, is more likely to form a part of the eventual set of numbers which end up being drawn.

What about Quantity you might ask?
After all, with more tickets being bought, there is every chance that the odds of winning also go up that much higher.

Well, yes, to some extent that is indeed true. But remember that in lotteries where the odds of bagging the jackpot are already very low, buying a very large number of tickets, say even 10,000 of them, will increase your chances of winning by only a whisker.

Therefore, when it comes to trying to increase your odds of winning, simply by buying more tickets, remember that more often than not, that is going to end up proving to be a very bad strategy.

Past draws are also not a very good indicator of the numbers which are likely to be drawn in your case. So for instance, if the number 24 has been drawn 17 times in the last 40 draws, which is indeed a reasonably high occurrence, given the randomness of the situation, it is by no means a pointer towards the possible emergence of the same number among the ones which are drawn in your case. So do not let such a possibility sway your mind.

In summation, remember that the basic guiding light will remain the probability of a particular set of numbers occurring in the concerned draw and that can in fact be determined to a small extent by working within as well as around the entire system.

After all, there are individuals who keep winning in these lotteries or in other games of chance, and the causal factors have to simply be beyond the pure luck of draw!