Swiss Lotto


What is the Swiss Lotto?

The Swiss Lotto is the National Lottery of Switzerland & by far their most popular domestic lottery game. The Swiss Lotto had its first drawing in 1970 and hasn’t looked back since. The game was created by a merger between the two biggest lottery organizers at the time, SwissLos & Loterie Romande. These two companies share all responsibility and profits that are incurred with the organization of this lottery draw game.

The Swiss Lotto has two drawings a week on a Wednesday & Saturday. The lottery draw is structured as a 6/42 +1/6 game meaning that a player must pick 6 balls from a pool of 42 and separately choose one bonus ball from a pool of 6. To jackpot the Swiss Lotto, a player must match all 6 regular numbers plus the sole bonus number. The Swiss Lotto has a rollover feature, allowing the jackpot to grow until a winner is found. The record jackpot in the Swiss Lottery currently stands at $49,910,000 which was won in mid-2014 by one lucky lotto player.

Number Picking

As mentioned above, the Swiss Lotto is a 6/42 + 1/6 lotto draw game. Picking your numbers is easy and straightforward. There are no additional games to play in the Swiss Lotto, such as there are in the Lottario for example. The Swiss Lotto is as run-of-the-mill lottery game as you are going to find.

Draw Days

The Swiss Lotto has two drawings a week; Wednesday & Saturday evenings.

Playing the Swiss Lotto Online

The Swiss Lotto has technically always been open to players from outside of Switzerland as there has never been a domestic restriction on this lottery. Obviously, the Swiss Lotto had to wait for the online lottery industry to catch up before it could utilize this openness to international players. Nowadays the Swiss Lotto is one of the most popular lotteries for online players as it offers some attractive features that others cannot compete with.

Switzerland is a small and rich country in the center of Western Europe. This small populace with one of the highest GDP’s in the world has meant that its lottery is one with big jackpots and not a huge number of players.

Tips & Tricks

The Swiss Lotto has two tax sections that a winning player can fall into: Below 1,000 CHF & 1,000 CHF and above. All winnings greater than 1,00 CHF are subject to tax laws – typically 35% of your winnings (above 1,00 CHF). A winning ticket needs to be claimed within 6 months of the draw being held. Any prize below the 1,00 CHF threshold can be collected at any store where you can buy Swiss Lotto tickets. Prizes above the 1,000 CHF threshold follow a different procedure and will be transferred directly to the bank account of the player’s choice (tax will be taken out before the payment is sent). Also, please be aware that in the Swiss Lotto there is no option for annuitized payments – Cash up front is the only method of payment in this lottery game.

Minimum Jackpot

The Minimum Guaranteed Jackpot for the Swiss Lotto is 1,500,000 CHF

Record Jackpot

The Record Jackpot for the Swiss Lotto stands at 49,910,000 CHF

Odds of Winning

Division Match Odds of Winning
1st Prize 6 Regular +1 Bonus 1:31,474,716
2nd Prize 6 Regular 1:6,294,943
3rd Prize 5 Regular +1 Bonus 1:145,716
4th Prize 5 Regular 1:29,143
5th Prize 4 Regular +1 Bonus 1:3,331
6th Prize 4 Regular 1:666
7th Prize 3 Regular +1 Bonus 1:220
8th Prize 3 Regular 1:44

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