Set For Life


What is the Set for Life?

“Set for life” is a daily lottery draw game that is based in Australia. What makes Set for Life different to the regular lottery draws out there is that the cash prize is never a lump sum option. The clue is in the name; win this lottery and you will be set for life!

The top prize in this draw game is $20,000 a month, for 20 years. This is the maximum jackpot and the most common jackpot that is given out in this lottery draw. The only variable is if there are more than 4 people who have jackpotted, the total prize pool is split between 5. In the case of 5 people matching the top tier Set for Life prize (a rarity to say the least) then instead of receiving the $20,000 a month, you can expect to receive around $16,000 a month as your $4,000 will be essentially given to the 5th jackpot winner (4 other winners x $4,000 means everyone is getting the same sum of money on a monthly basis).

History of Set for Life

Set for Life is only a few years old. The first ever Set for Life drawing took place in Summer 2015 and has been drawing every day since then. The intention behind Set for Life was to appeal to the younger generation of lottery players. This is why the focus was always to have a draw that would be an everyday thing, not pushing for the ideas of instant life changing money but rather as a great long time win for anyone lucky enough to win. The aim was always for the younger audience of below 40. This has had a double advantage as it is those same younger players that have the years ahead of them that makes a draw such as Set for Life even more worthwhile than an older lottery player.

Number Picking

In Set for Life you pick a set of 8 numbers from a total pool of 38 possible numbers. Your choice of 8 numbers need to participate in at least 2 draws during the week for it to be a valid pick. If you so like, you can use your 8 numbers for every draw that week. In the drawing itself, two bonus balls are drawn which are only used for the lower down prize divisions. In order to win the jackpot of the Set for Life you need to match all 8 regular numbers.

Draw Days

Set for Life is drawn once a day, 9pm AEST.

Playing the Set for Life Online

Playing Set for Life online is as easy and hassle free as any of the other Australian lotteries you might be familiar with. The game is operated by Tatts, the same company that runs the regular draw games in Australia and from a player’s point of view it is equally as easy to play any one of these games. Many people play Set for Life as it is a regular game with a high frequency of draws. Lottery players tend to like rhythm and structure, Set for Life certainly gives you this.

Odds of Winning

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