Oz Lotto

What is Oz Lotto?

Oz Lotto is a national lottery game based in Australia. Like the Australian Powerball it is ran by Tatts Group. It is licensed via subsidiaries all over Australia, being separated geographically. When Oz Lotto first came out the game was identical to the Australian Saturday Lotto, needing six numbers to be chosen out of the 45 available. However, beginning 18th of October 2005, a seventh number was drawn for the first time, lengthening the odds of winning the top prize.

Differences between Oz Lotto & US Lottos

Here are the 3 most important differences between the Oz Lotto and its more famous American versions;

In the United States, a ticket is automatically a winning ticket by matching the bonus ball, such as a powerball. While in the Oz Lotto a minimum of of 3 winning numbers and one of the supplementary numbers are needed.

The U.S jackpot has a cash option and a split payment option, while Oz Lotto winners always collect in a lump sum.

U.S lottery prizes are taxable, whilst there are no taxes collected on Oz Lotto winners what so ever.

Draw Days

The draw happens every Tue 8:30pm AEST. Oz Lotto was first played on 26th of February 1994 and since then has been endorsed as the first fully national lotto game in Australia.

Minimum Jackpot

AU$2 million

Record Jackpot

AU$100 million on 6th November 2012

Ticket cost


Oz Lotto Game Odds


Winning Numbers Required

Probability (Single Game)

1st Division 7 1 in 45,379,620
2nd Division 6 + bonus 1 in 3,241,401
3rd Division 6 1 in 180,078
4th Division 5 + one or both bonus balls 1 in 29,602
5th Division 5 1 in 3,430
6th Division 4 1 in 154
7th Division 3 + one or both bonus balls 1 in 87
Any Prize 1 in 55