LottoSend is one of those websites created with the idea of bringing you a fun lottery experience on your computer or mobile phone. What makes it great is the fact that it delivers a wide range of features that you can’t find on other sites. At the same time, the site is also known for the best LottoSend reviews out there that clearly showcase how reliable and professional they really are. There’s just a lot of great stuff to be had here and the experience on its own is unlike anything that you have ever seen before.

Moreover, the website is offering support for 10 languages. This means that you will most likely have it in your local language, which is a very good thing for a person that doesn’t speak English. If you want to play in your local language, you can do that. And even if there’s no support for the local language, you will get to call the support team and ask for your language. You will most likely get it done rather quickly and the results can be very good.

What lotteries are supported?

Maybe the best thing about LottoSend is that it covers a huge range of incredible lotteries. It’s a very good idea to play a local lottery game, but the fact that you have an international exposure is outstanding in its own right for sure. They are bringing you a pretty good experience with LottoSend and there is no LottoSend scam. All winnings I received were credited directly to my account and everything worked exactly as expected. That goes to show how reliable and professional they really are to be honest.

When it comes to lotteries, LottoSend does bring in support for some of the largest lotteries out there. This includes things like El Gordo, EuroMillions, Eurojackpot or US Powerball. Basically, just about all of these winnings are second to none and you will appreciate the tremendous value and quality that you can obtain in the end.

Scanned tickets

A lot of sites like this don’t really offer a scanned ticket. So, you are left to wait for a proof that you just won’t receive at all. Which is a bad thing to have, because you always want to know what you paid for. The LottoSend experience is great and there are no Lotto Send scams mainly because they are offering a proof of what you paid for. You have a ticket scan and that allows you to enjoy the experience and have fun with it as you see fit. It’s a very good idea to give the LottoSend approach a shot, because this way you can play in a wide range of lotteries all over the globe and it’s just a tremendous idea to explore and enjoy all of this in a good and reliable way.

It’s important to keep in mind the fact that you can also access 10 group plays if you want. These tend to have a minimal winning amount, which is quite astonishing in its own right. But yes, there can be some really good winnings with LottoSend if you know when and how to play. That alone is what makes the entire experience different here and yes, you are bound to have quite a lot of fun with it for sure.


You have a dedicated account on LottoSend, so all your winnings will go there. This is nice and it removes the hassle that you can encounter in the case of other sites. The LottoSend review process was great because I actually got to win a few times and yes, there is no LottoSend scam. Everything was available in my account. Granted, I didn’t win a jackpot or anything like that, but then again that’s not really a problem. You can have a very fun experience with LottoSend and that on its own is amazing for sure.

You have to realize though that even if you have 50+ payment options for purchasing, when it comes to withdrawing you are limited only to bank accounts. This makes the process easier for LottoSend, but it also brings in a bit of frustration from your suite.


The support team for LottoSend is available non stop and you can access it online whenever you want. I found them to be very responsive and you can easily access them via phone if you want to as well. Basically, there are lots of features to be had here and the return on investment is pretty amazing to be honest. However, if you opt for live chat you may have to deal with a short queue. But it’s still rather great, and one of the best experiences for you to enjoy.


Overall, I found the website to operate very well and all the LottoSend reviews state the same. The account page is not as comprehensive as other people may want it to be, but it works and it’s functional, which is exactly what matters the most in the end. As a whole, you can’t really say anything bad about the system and the site as a whole, because it works very nicely and it’s functional. It also has SSL support and encryption, which helps protect your finances and your data when you are on the site. That on its own makes the experience masterful and astonishing.

Pros and cons

The LottoSend experience is very good as a whole. There are a few hiccups with the user account system and they have to add a few more games, but for the most part the results are second to none. There are some amazing discounts to be had on the site and the LottoSend company is also an official reseller for some lotteries. The group plays have winning guarantees and you also have to deal with a very impressive and helpful support team. That, combined with the multilingual interface and the welcome bonus offers a tremendous experience for all users, and if you love lottery games you may want to try it out!