What is the Lottario?

Lottario lottery is a Canadian State lottery out of the Ontario province which is home to Ottawa & Toronto. it ran and operated by OLG – The Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation. The Lottario lottery has been played domestically for over 30 years and is by far the most popular lottery draw game in the Ontario province & one of the most popular lotteries in all of Canada. People who play the Lottario regular do so because it is a fun an exciting draw game. Lottario has jackpots that rollover to big amounts, prizes that are tax free and odds of winning which rival any lotto game out there; an impressive 1:21. As part of the creation of the Lottario, it was setup so that a certain percentage of revenue will go directly to the state of Ontario to assist in education and local projects. Since the Lottario draw began, over $25,000,000,000 has been raised for this purpose.


What is Early Bird?

The early bird is a feature in the Lottario draw that incentives people to buy their tickets early. The early bird is a separate draw to the main one and only players who purchase tickets 24 hours or more in advance are eligible for the early bird draw. The early bird draw jackpot is a set $50,000.


Number Picking

player picks 6 numbers from a total number pool of 45. To win the top tier prize a player must match all 6 of his/her chosen numbers. This is a jackpot prize in the draw. Players also get to pick a bonus ball in addition to the six regular balls. This bonus ball is only relevant to the second-tier prize.

For the early bird draw, Lottario uses the same playing sheet as for the regular draw. There is no need to pick additional draws if you want to play in the early bird draw – You are automatically entered into the Lottario early bird draw if you purchase your ticket early.

Draw Days

The Lottario has only one drawing a week, every Saturday evening at local time 10:30pm.

Ticket Cost

Each ticket cost $1 – Buying your ticket 24 hours in advance makes you eligible for the early bird draw in addition to the regular draw for the same price. The ticket is the same price for a regular draw as it is for a regular draw plus the early bird draw. No additional costs are incurred for playing the early bird draw.

Minimum Jackpot

$250,000 CAD

Record Jackpot

$3,600,000 CAD

Lottario – Prize Payouts

Prize payouts for the Lottario vary from draw to draw. Below is an example of a prize payout from a recent Lottario draw (27th May, 2017). The payout figure is the payout per player, not the total payout for the given prize division.

Divisions Match Payout
1st Prize 6 No Winner
2nd Prize 5 +1 CAD 10,000.00
3rd Prize 5 CAD 500.00
4th Prize 4 CAD 10.00
5th Prize 3 CAD 4.00



Odds of Winning

Prize Division Match Odds of Winning
1st Prize 6 Regular 1 in 4,072,530
2nd Prize 5 Regular +1 Bonus 1 in 678,755
3rd Prize 5 Regular 1 in 17,862
4th Prize 4 Regular 1 in 366
5th Prize 3 Regular 1 in 21