Connecticut – Classic Lotto

What is Connecticut Classic Lotto?

Classic Lotto is the state of Connecticut’s Game of Choice. Aptly named, Classic Lotto is a classic pick-6 jackpot lotto game. The jackpot starts at $1,000,000 and can increase in size until there is a jackpot winner. Tickets cost $1 per game.


Connecticut Classic Lotto began operations in October 1989. Classic Lotto evolved from Connecticut Lotto, which had a smaller guess range of just 36 numbers. The option to take winnings in the form of a lump cash sum was added in 1997.


Players select 6 numbers out of a guess range of 44, winning the jackpot if all six numbers match up to the numbers selected in the draw. If there is no jackpot winner, the jackpot amount may increase in increments of $100,000 if enough new revenue is added. 5 matched numbers garner a $2,000 prize, 4 matching numbers get $50 while 3 matched numbers deliver $2.

Draw Days

Connecticut Classic Lotto offers twice weekly draws, on Tuesday and Friday nights. Draw times are at around 22:40 Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Odds Table

Prize Match Odds
Jackpot 6 of 6 1: 7,059,052
2 5 of 6 1:30,961
3 4 of 6 1:669
4 3 of 6 1:42

Overall odds of winning are 1:39.3.

Minimum Jackpot

Connecticut Classic Lotto features a minimum jackpot of $1,000,000, which can increase in increments of $100,000 if enough new revenue is added.

Winnings Claim and Taxes

Winnings of less than $600 can be collected at any authorized Connecticut Classic Lotto retailer. For larger prizes of $5,000 or less, a visit to the Connecticut Lottery High-Tier Claim Center is required, while larger prizes are collected at Connecticut Lottery Headquarters. Prizes can be claimed in a lump cash sum or can be paid as an annuity in 21 annual installments. Winnings of more than $5000 are taxed at require 25% federal tax and 6.7% for state taxes. Connecticut state income tax must be paid on any winnings from Connecticut lottery regardless of state residency.