Colorado Lotto

What is Colorado Lotto?

Colorado Lotto is the state of Colorado’s official lotto game. It’s an easy to play lotto, offering good odds and large, rolling jackpots that have already created thousands of lucky winners. Colorado Lotto’s winning odds are considered to be one of the best in the United States.


Colorado Lotto initiated operations in January of 1980, basing game play on the same structure it uses to this day. The lotto’s popularity quickly spread, and it grew into a twice-weekly draw game within a year and a half of its founding.


Players select 6 numbers out of a 42 number guess range and must match all numbers in order to win the jackpot. Players have a Quick Pick option to produce randomly generated numbers. Additionally, players have the option of playing the same numbers for up to 13 weeks (26 draws) in advance. There are secondary prizes for anyone who matches 3 or more numbers. Games cost $1 each.

Draw Days

Colorado Lotto offers twice weekly draws, on Wednesday and Saturday nights. Draw times are at 7:35 local Colorado time (MST).

Odds Table

Prize Match Odds Cash**
Jackpot 6 of 6 1:5,245,786 $1,000,000 – Rollover if no winner
2 5 of 6 1:24,287 $300 – $900
3 4 of 6 1:556 $30-$50
4 3 of 6 1:37 $3 – $4

* Overall odds of winning are 1:35
** Winners who match 3, 4 and 5 numbers win a cash prize based the number of winners and on sales at each level.

Minimum Jackpot

Colorado Lotto features a minimum jackpot of $1,000,000, which partly rolls over to the next jackpot if there is no winner.

Maximum Jackpot

The biggest jackpot ever paid out by Colorado Lotto was for $27 million in March 1992.

Winnings Claim and Taxes

Winnings of less than $600 can be collected at a local retailer. For larger prizes and jackpots a visit to the Colorado Claim Center is required. Prizes can be claimed in a lump cash sum (at roughly 50% of the advertised size) or can be paid in 25 annual installments. Winnings of more than $5000 are taxed at 29% for US residents and at 34% for non-US residents.