State Lotteries

Cash4Life Lotto Game

Cash4Life is a new game that was began in June 2014. This game is presently availed in Georgia, Florida (New), Indiana, New York, Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Ohio is also keen to join. This game is a Powerball kind of game. To play the game, select five digits from a group of… read more »

Louisiana Lotto

What is Louisiana Lotto? Louisiana Lotto is the flagship jackpot lotto game of the state of Louisiana. A straightforward draw game, Lousiana Lotto features rolling jackpots that continue to grow until there is a jackpot winner. Tickets cost $1 a game with average jackpots payouts of more than $735,000. History Louisiana Lotto initiated operations in… read more »

Kansas Super Kansas Cash

What is Super Kansas Cash? Super Kansas cash is the state of Kansas official jackpot lotto. Super Kansas Cash offers three weekly drawings, and a minimum jackpot of $100,000. Super Kansas Cash derives its name from the fact that it exclusively pays out lump cash sums. Cost Two games cost $1. History Super Kansas Cash… read more »

Connecticut – Classic Lotto

What is Connecticut Classic Lotto? Classic Lotto is the state of Connecticut’s Game of Choice. Aptly named, Classic Lotto is a classic pick-6 jackpot lotto game. The jackpot starts at $1,000,000 and can increase in size until there is a jackpot winner. Tickets cost $1 per game. History Connecticut Classic Lotto began operations in October… read more »

Colorado Lotto

What is Colorado Lotto? Colorado Lotto is the state of Colorado’s official lotto game. It’s an easy to play lotto, offering good odds and large, rolling jackpots that have already created thousands of lucky winners. Colorado Lotto’s winning odds are considered to be one of the best in the United States. History Colorado Lotto initiated… read more »

Arizona – The Pick

What is the Pick? Arizona – The Pick is the state of Arizona’s official lotto draw game. Extremely popular among its players, the Pick raked in more than $86.4 million in its first operating year. Tickets start at just $1. History The residents of Arizona first voted to legalize official state lotteries in 1980 by… read more »

Mega Sena

What is Mega Sena Mega Sena Brazil’s national lottery game and the biggest lottery in South-America. Holds special draw every 5 weeks which offer larger guaranteed prizes. Draw Days Wednesday & Saturday 20:00 Minimum Jackpot R$1.1 million (cash) Record Jackpot R$35 million Rules Choose 6 numbers out of possible 60. The jackpot winner needs to… read more »

New York Lotto

What is New York Lotto? The state of New York has been using lotteries to fund important state projects since the 19th century. In fact, many of the state™s canals, churches, ferries, roads and even the New York City Hall were built or repaired, from lottery funds. On November 8, 1966, New York voters approved… read more »

Florida Lotto

What is Florida Lotto Florida Lotto voters authorized a state lottery in 1986 through a constitutional amendment with the mission of funding education in the State of Florida. Over the years, lottery proceeds have funded school recognition and merit programs for improved schools, and have been responsible for the renovation of over 700 schools through… read more »

California SuperLotto Plus

What is California SuperLotto Plus Lottery SuperLotto Plus is the State of California original millionaire-maker SuperLotto Plus is one of the state lottery™s three most popular games, with many jackpots reaching as high as $10 to $30 million. SuperLotto Plus jackpots have also soared much higher, with the largest payouts going as high as $193… read more »