Lotto Dictionary

This page is a growing and evolving list dedicated to lottery terminology. Additional Number (also called “Powerball or Thunderball”) Allows lottery players to win additional prizes and is essential to complete the Jackpot winning numbers selection. The Additional Number is picked from a new set of numbers, different and usually smaller amount from the initial… read more »

History of Lottery

The lottery has been around since times immemorial, from the very moment man determined that a lot of aspects in life were speculative in nature and involved a major element of chance. Firstly, we find that lottery has in fact been around since Biblical times, with instances of any form of lottery been in existence,… read more »

Lottery Prizes

It may just seem a little surprising to you at the outset but the fact is that when it comes to lottery prizes, they are arrived at on a pretty scientific and precise basis. In other words, there is really no ambiguity with regard to the way in which prizes are determined. To validate our… read more »

Golden tips for smartly choosing Lottery Numbers

When it comes to lottery, one thing that needs to be firmly entrenched in your mind would be the fact that things are absolutely random here and that at the end of the day, it is all a matter of luck and chance. And yet, there are ways and means by which you can at… read more »

Wheeling system of Lotteries

The Wheeling System of Lotteries is essentially a statistical strategy which incrementally enhances the chances of winning a particular lottery, almost to the extent of being rendered a guarantee. As you will easily be aware, lotteries are almost entirely a matter of chance. And yet, there are ways and means by which lotteries can be… read more »

Lottery Syndications and Lotto Pools

In recent times we find that instances of lottery syndications and lotto pools have gone up dramatically. Yet, there are a large number of patrons out there which has little idea with regard to what exactly are these syndications and the way in which they can actually make a difference with regard to lottery winnings…. read more »

What is an online lottery agent is an example of an online lottery agent, an agent standing between users from around the world, and reputable official lotteries in various countries. A lottery agent, also known as a lottery messenger service, doesn’t operate a lottery on their own, but rather buy tickets in the conventional way, sending company representatives to stand… read more »