Euro Lotteries

UK National Lottery

What is the UK National Lottery? UK National Lottery is a national lottery game based in the United Kingdom. It is the first and original national lottery for the United Kingdom having been created in 1994. The UK National Lottery is ran & operated by the Camelot Group, which at the time of receiving its… read more »

Irish Lotto

What is Irish Lotto One of the best jackpot odds in the world, which makes it very popular worldwide with 1 in every 28 tickets wins a cash prize. Established back in 1987 and is Ireland biggest weekly lottery. Draw Days Wednesday & Saturday 20:00 GMT Minimum Jackpot €2.6 million (cash) Record Jackpot €25 million… read more »

El Gordo

What is El Gordo One of Spain’s most popular lotteries, with chance of 1-10 of winning a cash prize and played once a week. Draw Days Sunday 20:00 (Madrid time) Minimum Jackpot €6.5 million (cash) Record Jackpot €35 million Rules Choose 5 numbers out of possible 54 + 1 number from a pool of 9…. read more »


What is SuperEnalotto Italy’s national lottery with a record jackpot won of €223 millions, started back in 1997. Draw Days Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 20:00 Minimum Jackpot €1.7 million (cash) Record Jackpot €177.8 million Rules Choose 6 numbers out of possible 90. The jackpot winner needs to match all 6 numbers, matching 5 numbers +… read more »

UK Thunderball

What is UK Thunderball Founded in 1999 and holds 3 draws per week with great chance of winning a jackpot with 800,000 pounds. Draw Days Wednesday 22:30, Friday 22:35 & Saturday 20:30 GMT Minimum Jackpot £800,000 (cash) Record Jackpot £161 million Rules Choose 5 numbers out of possible 39 + 1 number from pool of… read more »


What is Eurojackpot A relatively new pan-European lottery which was introduced in March 2012 by Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Slovenia and Spain. As of 1 February 2013 six new countries will join participating: Iceland, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden. Draw Days Friday 21:00 Helsinki time Minimum Jackpot €10 million cash Maximum… read more »


What is EuroMillions The biggest and most exciting pan-European lottery with record jackpots, first introduced in February 2004 by France & the UK, followed by Spain, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxemburg, Portugal and Switzerland. Draw Days Tuesday & Friday 21:45 Paris Minimum Jackpot €15 million cash Record Jackpot €190 million Rules Choose 5 numbers out… read more »

What is an online lottery agent is an example of an online lottery agent, an agent standing between users from around the world, and reputable official lotteries in various countries. A lottery agent, also known as a lottery messenger service, doesn’t operate a lottery on their own, but rather buy tickets in the conventional way, sending company representatives to stand… read more »