Cash4Life Lotto Game

Cash4Life is a new game that was began in June 2014. This game is presently availed in Georgia, Florida (New), Indiana, New York, Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Ohio is also keen to join.

This game is a Powerball kind of game. To play the game, select five digits from a group of 60 digits and 1 digit, the Cash Ball that is chosen from a varied group of 4 digits. Each ticket is $2. Drawing of the winning numbers is carried out two times in a week, on Mondays and Thursdays.


Winning Strategies for Cash4Life

Lotto Wheeling Systems

Make use of a wheel to organize a bigger group of digits into sets of tickets so as to purchase a minimum prize. Where Cash4Life is concerned, the suggested wheeling systems are pick-5 Balanced Wheels ® such as the ones in Wheel Five Gold.

Handle the five main balls like you would any pick-5 game. Avoid wheeling the Cash Ball as it is marked on another set of 4 digits on your bet slip.

About Lottery Strategy

Drawing of the lottery numbers is carried out randomly. However, numbers that are drawn randomly create patterns that can be monitored and utilized to benefit us.

Tips for Odd & Even Numbers

When you choose your numbers for Cash4Life, make an effort to have a moderately even combination of odd and even numbers. All odd and even numbers are seldom drawn. This happens lower than 6% of the instance. The ideal combination to have is 3/2 or 2/3. Between these two patterns, one shall happen in 65% of the drawings.

Skipped Strategies for Lottery Games


Make a list of the number of games that were skipped (games out) from the previous hit  (win) for all the winning numbers in the course of the previous five games.  Then note how many times every skip happened. If no skip occurred from 0 to 5, play Lotto numbers that are out the same number of games.

Play a Balanced Game


After you select five digits you desire to play, sum them up together and ensure that the total of the five digits totals to around 121 and 204. Totals, which are in this range, will make up for more than 70% of all lottery jackpots that are won.

Lottery Tips for Repeat Hits

On average, in Cash 4 Life, a single lottery number shall present a repeat hit from the previous draw 53% of the instance. 

Secrets for Hot Number Lottery

Numbers that have lost in four games or lower make up for around ½ of the winning numbers. Losing numbers that have lost seven games or lower make up around 2/3 of each winning number. 

72% of the winning figures are found in numbers that lose ten games or lower. This informs us that it is more likely for hot numbers to hit. However, remember to add a single lengthy shot in your group of numbers for 5 Cash for Life.

Tips for Cold Number

It is hard to tell when a cold number is going to end a lengthy losing episode. In case you play a digit in each drawing, as you believe it is due, you might be pursuing it for a lot of months.

Lottery Syndicates and Pools

Numerous lotto jackpots from the 107 available, which won using Smart Luck lottery systems were won by groups of individuals who pooled their cash. Sharing the cost of the ticket with the others makes the budget of your Lotto lighter.

When you play with a group, you are able to afford to purchase extra lottery tickets and play huger wheeling systems, compared to how you would or could on your own. Set up an agreement and have it signed by members of your pool.

Benefit from Others’ Luck 

When you create a Lotto pool, your group also pools its luck. It is possible for a jackpot to occur due to the luck brought by only one member of your pool. Choose your partners carefully and try to share your luck with winners rather than losers.

Keep away from pessimistic people. They are not just unlucky but reduce enthusiasm and drain others’ energy. You should improve your own luck, rather than reduce its power. One way that you can easily differentiate winners from losers is just to enquire from them whether they are lucky people!

Utilize Balanced Wheel Systems

With balanced wheeling systems, you are able to bet a huge group of figures (more than 5) and play scientific blends of that group of digits and obtain a particular minimum win guarantee.

 Balanced Wheels propel all the winning digits present in your group to combine and offer you a minimum of one prize if some of the winning numbers or all of them are in your selected group. As you wheel more numbers, it becomes simpler to keep the winning digits in your selected group.

However, to acquire the most control for your cash, the maximum number of digits to wheel does not exceed 4 or 5 numbers over 50% of the digits in your game. For Cash4Life, this signified wheeling lower than 35 digits.

Otherwise, you shall use up more cash going after a smaller guarantee prize. You gain more by wheeling a group of digits that is meticulously chosen.

The most ideal manner of wheeling all the Lotto digits in your game

Any single wheeling system that caters for all the digits in the game is spread out too much. This makes the win guarantee not worth the bet. There are effective methods for wheeling the game’s numbers by utilizing Trap-by-Overlap as well as other wheeling systems.

A lot of winners of Smart Luck made use of a balanced wheel, as well as Smart Luck number selection techniques. You can make use of a free interactive balanced wheel system that won many jackpots.

Is Taxation imposed on the Winnings?

The Canada Revenue Agency regulations for windfall state that in case you win cash from a lottery, it is not necessary for you to pay tax or make report on the winnings, in regard to these winnings.