Australia Powerball

What is Australian Powerball?

Australian Powerball is a lottery ran by the Tatts Group in Australia. It is licensed via subsidiaries all over Australia, being separated geographically.

The new Australian Powerball began in March 2013. The new Australia Powerball draws six regular numbers from one pool of 40, with the Powerball drawn from a different pool of 20 numbers. The biggest Australian Powerball jackpot to date was A$80 million in 2009.

Differences between US & Australian Powerball

There are three major differences between the Australian and American versions, here they are;

  1. In the US, a ticket is automatically a winning ticket by matching the Powerball. While in Australia a minimum of three numbers are needed being two regular numbers plus the Powerball.
  2. The American jackpot has a cash option and a split payment option, while Australians winners always collect in lump sum.
  3. American lottery prizes are taxable, whilst there are no taxes collected on Australian Powerball winners.

Draw Days

Powerball draws are every Thursday with the draw closing at 7:30pm (8:30pm AEDT) each Thursday.

Minimum Jackpot

A$3 Million

Record Jackpot

A$80 million in 2009

Ticket cost


Australian Powerball Game Odds

1 6 Numbers plus Powerball 6,397,300:1
2 6 Numbers 336,700:1
3 5 Numbers plus Powerball 31,360:1
4 5 Numbers 1,651:1
5 4 Numbers plus Powerball 761:1
6 3 Numbers plus Powerball 54:1
7 4 Numbers 40:1
8 2 Numbers plus Powerball 10:1

Australian Powerball Prize Breakdown

Division Ball Matches Prize Pool% Odds
1 Match six main balls and the Powerball 40% 76,767,600:1
2 Match six main balls 3.25% 4,040,400:1
3 Match five and the Powerball 3.4% 376,312:1
4 Match five main balls 1.9% 19,806:1
5 Match 4 main balls and the Powerball 1.45% 9,123:1
6 Match three main balls and the Powerball 12.65% 641:1
7 Match 4 main balls 11.35% 480:1
8 Match two main balls and the Powerball 26% 110:1