Arizona – The Pick

What is the Pick?

Arizona – The Pick is the state of Arizona’s official lotto draw game. Extremely popular among its players, the Pick raked in more than $86.4 million in its first operating year. Tickets start at just $1.


The residents of Arizona first voted to legalize official state lotteries in 1980 by a small margin of 51%. Arizona the Pick was Arizona’s first jackpot lotto, beginning operations in 1984. 50% of all proceeds from Arizona lottery games are used to fund a wide range of designated public projects and programs.


To play Arizona the Pick, players must select 6 numbers out of a guess range of 44 numbers. Players have the possibility of choosing the numbers themselves or using the Quick Pick option which produces computer generated numbers so players don’t have to choose for themselves. The same numbers can be used on a maximum of 10 consecutive drawings by filling in the appropriate box on the payslip or telling the cashier.

Draw Days

Arizona the Pick features twice weekly draw days on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Draws take place at approximately 22:25 local time (MST).

Minimum Jackpot

Arizona the Pick jackpots start at $1,000,000 and rollover until the jackpot is won.
Odds Table

Match Odds Prize
6 of 6 1 : 7,059,052 1
5 of 6 1 : 30,961 2
4 of 6 1 : 669 3
3 of 6 1 : 42 4

The accumulated odds for winning a cash prize in Arizona the Pick are 1:32.

Winnings Claim and Taxes

Winnings from Arizona the Pick can be collected within 180 days. Players collecting within the sixty days of the draw have the choice to choose either a lump sum of around half the jackpot or thirty annual payments. In Arizona, lotto winnings are taxed at around 36%.