About Us

Lottopedia was formed by a group of passionate lotto fans who couldn’t find a decent place to get the most up to date lotto results all in one place, so we decided to create one instead! And while we were at creating an all in one lotto results place, we figured we would create a an all in one general lottery place. Consider us the wikipedia of the lottery – hence the name…Lottopedia.org!

We have used the open source behemoth as our model of how the site should look and feel. Our priority is you, the reader & the player. We hope that the site we have created serves you well in you providing you the accurate information that you are looking for. Whether its Lottery Draw Days, The upcoming jackpots or if you want to stay abreast of the recent happenings in the online lottery world – Lottopedia.org is the place for you.

We are constantly looking to provide the latest and most interesting lotto information, articles, tips and guides from across the globe, which is written and edited by our team of experts.

The Global Lottery landscape is changing rapidly & will continue to do so with as more and more vendors opt to open up their previously national, or State lotteries to become international, global & Online.

If you would like to help contribute or provide some feedback we would be happy to hear from you.

We will keep updating the site with the latest news, rules and game odds. The online lottery landscape is a changing and growing world, we are trying to stay on top of all the latest movements within the online lottery industry, while at the same time always staying focused on our initial aims with lottopedia.org: the go-to site for any online lottery players that want fair and balanced reviews of the lottery draw games they are interested in.

And if you do decide to try your luck and play one of the lotto draws, Good Luck from everyone at Lottopedia.org – we would love to hear if you win!